Review, Sun Protection Clothes For Everyone?! Review, Sun Protection Clothes for Everyone?! If you're in the market for high-quality, stylish, and comfortable clothing that also offers protection from the sun's dangerous UV rays, then is definitely the place to shop. And with an easy-to-use...

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Lulus Review – Is It Worth It? 🤔 Quality? Returns? Review

A lot of my family and friends always ask me where I buy some of my clothes and if purchasing them online is a good idea. So I decided to dedicate one full post to share my thoughts about, if it’s safe, are they high quality, how does the Lulus return work, etc, and hopefully to help you get the most out of your online shopping experience.

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Girl On The Reviews Favorites!

Hello love, Let's keep this page as a summary of my favorites in my life. Some of them I have a detailed review. I also try to get discounts for you as well. And, most of the time I try to get affiliated with the companies I love, so don't hesitate to use my links,...

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Komuso Design Review – Is Shift The Magic Necklace?

What I really wanted to try was: is Komuso durable? Is it water-resistant, will it get worse if it touches water? Will it scratch? And lastly, does it work? Will it help me to become calmer? So, did I experience the relief that The Shift is expected to give? I’ll discuss my opinion below in my Komuso review, so read on!

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I love my Prime!

Get your Amazon Prime by using my affiliate link, please. That will help me to support my site! Thank you so much 🙂

Hey guys, in this platform Girl On The Reviews, I review my favorite gears, gadgets, products and all other interesting things related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Please add your reviews, too! And product suggestions that you want me to review? Shoot me a message or comment on any post 🙂