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Theragun Review: Relieving Muscle Pain with Massager Guns

The Theragun is all over social media now. It is one of the latest gadgets every fitness guru is touting. Sure, those slow-motion videos might look mesmerizing to watch, but does this device really work?

If you’re like me, this pandemic forced you to work out from home. This meant snagging important workout gear to make sure you’re getting a good fitness and recovery routine even if you don’t have access to a gym.

Enter the Theragun. While not necessarily a workout gear, it’s supposed to help with improving muscle condition as well as a host of other benefits during exercise and recovery.

In this Theragun review, I’ve decided to find out if this expensive new workout toy is worth it and whether you should invest in one!

What is a Theragun?

The Theragun is described as a “percussive therapy device” created by Therabody. It’s a handheld device that creates a repeated pounding motion which helps in soothing muscle soreness and releasing tension.

This massage gun is small enough to be used alone or with the help of someone if you’re targeting hard-to-reach muscles like the back.

The company behind this new equipment is Therabody and they offer several types of devices to cater to specific consumers – from professionals, active travelers, or those who work out from home, like you and me.

I’ll go into a bit more detail about the devices later in this Theragun review, for now, let’s find out how the Theragun works.

How Does a Massage Gun Work?

The Theragun works by using its soft, blunt tip to create a pounding motion that alleviates muscle pain and improves blood flow. In fact, the Theragun was first created by Dr. Jason Wersland, a chiropractor, who suffered a motorcycle accident leaving him with immense nerve pain.

To help ease his pain, he created the Theragun – a massage gun that pummels the muscles 2,400 times a minute, reaching deep into the fibers while creating a vibrating motion to ease the pain away. It might seem like a painful process, but the repetition actually makes the massage comfortable.

Benefits of Using a Theragun Massager

Any physiotherapist will tell you massages have a lot of benefits. Technically, the Theragun is a massage device and anything that applies to the benefits of massages can also apply to the device.

The Theragun massage gun comes with a host of different attachments too so you can target specific areas of your body. Some of the benefits of using this device include:

• Faster muscle recovery
• Decrease in inflammation
• Helps with sleep quality
• Improves range of motion
• Increases flexibility
• Helps alleviate muscle soreness
• Creates better blood flow
• Eliminates muscle stiffness

When NOT to Use a Massage Gun

There are a lot of great benefits with Theragun but it’s also important to know when you shouldn’t use it. Here are the following instances when using this equipment, or any similar device isn’t recommended especially without doctor supervision.

Muscle Strain (“Pulled Muscle”)

Whenever the muscles are stretched beyond their usual range of motion, it results in a pulled muscle. This is already painful so it’s not a good idea to use any form of the massager on the affected area.

Injuries with Inflammation

Injuries like bursitis, tendinitis, or fasciitis are instances when you need to avoid using a massage gun. If you would like to use them, please talk to your doctor first.

Chronic Condition

If you have hypertension or high blood pressure, osteoporosis, varicose veins, muscle disorders, bone issues, or conditions that affect your blood vessels, you shouldn’t use any type of massage gun.


When you suffer from a torn ligament, it’s best to avoid the use of the Theragun, especially on the area so you can prevent more damage.

Broken Bones

If your bones are healing or they’re obviously broken, then you definitely need to steer clear from using this machine.

Other Theragun Products

I didn’t focus on a particular model in this Theragun review. But, all of the information here applies to the current models Therabody has on the market. The main difference between the models available is their sizes as well as the pounds of force they exert.

Theragun Pro:
This is a professional-grade device designed to offer at least 60 lbs. of force.

Theragun Elite:
This version is the quietest model according to the company and offers 40 lbs. of force.

Theragun Prime:
If you want something to try out for the first time, then the basic model could be your best choice. This offers 30 lbs. of force.

Theragun Mini:
For something portable and easy to carry wherever you go, the Mini is the best choice. It offers 20 lbs. of force.

The Details:

Price: Pro – $599 // Elite – $399 // Prime – $299 // Mini – $199
Shipping: 1-6 Business Days
Returns: Allowed (Within 30-Days of Purchase)
Warranty: 1-2 Years for Device & Charger (Depends on the Model)

Final Thoughts – Is a Theragun Worth It?

I hope this Theragun review helped you out. While I love this device and believe it’s useful if you’re constantly active or suffering from muscle pain, I don’t think the Theragun massage gun is a necessary piece of equipment just to stay healthy. The good news though is that it does work. And if you believe it will help relieve your muscle pain and you don’t mind spending the big bucks on it, then go for it!



Why is a Theragun so expensive?

One reason is that they work. They’re premium massagers, unlike awkward hand massagers you used to have before. These are made from premium materials that are meant to be durable.

Does Theragun help with arthritis?

Massages can relieve muscle pain and ease muscle tension. While Therabody, doesn’t advertise this massage gun to be used by those with arthritis, some have used it to help relieve joint, muscle, and tendon pain.

How often should you use Theragun?

It depends on the desired result you want, but it shouldn’t be more than 3 times per day. The company advises using the gun for at least 15 seconds or up to 2 minutes for every muscle group you are targeting. Any session should not go beyond 15 minutes.

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Get In Touch with Theragun

You can contact Theragun customer support by calling +1 (866) 221-2185. You can also submit your inquiry using their contact form.

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The Theragun is a fantastic product. It's got a sleek design that makes it handy to use by almost anyone. What's more, it actually works! It can get rid of painful and sore muscles, improve blood circulation, and assist in muscle recovery. Sure, the price can be steep but if you're going to invest, it's worth every cent!

• Relieves muscle soreness & tension
• Improves warm-up and cool-down periods
• Soothes muscle pain without using medication
• Handy and easy to use by yourself
• Actually, it works great!

Not So Great
• Expensive price – even for the cheapest and smallest version
• While helpful, it’s not a must-have device
• Not good if you have extreme muscle pain – it will hurt too much to use
• These things are loud!