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Lulus.com Review – Is It Worth It?

I’ve been buying from Lulus.com for as long as I can remember. From my everyday casual clothes to my activewear, and from my summer attire to my party outfits, name it – a lot of clothes from head to toe – I bought from Lulus.com. A lot of my family and friends always ask me where I buy some of my clothes and if purchasing them online is a good idea. So I decided to dedicate one full post to share my thoughts about Lulus.com, if it’s safe, are they high quality, how does the Lulus return work, etc, and hopefully to help you get the most out of your online shopping experience.

Regardless of your age or whatever your personal style may be, you’ll get something special on their website. They offer a wide range of apparel and the designs and style are so diverse, that they fit almost every taste or preference. But the usual questions I get are, is the quality good? Is my size always available? Is it relatively cheaper than buying in malls or boutiques? In this post, I will give you helpful deets!

What is Lulus.com?

Lulus.com is an online boutique that sells trendy and affordable clothes for over two decades now. Their website showcases their many fashion-forward clothing, shoes, as well as accessories, in different colors and sizes. No matter the occasion and whatever the season, you’ll most likely come across the perfect or ideal outfit. Lulus clothing is designed to be very stylish, modern, and chic, which means that you can get a great balance of flair, luxury, and comfort at very affordable prices. In fact, I should cut this introduction short because I’m sure everyone who loves to shop or anyone who has searched for clothes online is already familiar with Lulus.com. In fact, most, if not all, of your friends or family members have bought or tried at least one piece of clothing from Lulus.com at one point.

What can I buy from Lulus.com?

As mentioned, Lulus.com offers a wide range of fashion products for women, including tops, bottoms, dresses and rompers, jackets and sweaters, business and semi-formal attires, swimwear, many types of shoes, and accessories from bags and belts to hats, scarves, and even jewelry! One of my friends has even tried purchasing a formal wedding dress when she was doing her photoshoot. If you ask me, I think there’s nothing that you won’t find from their website when it comes to completing your closet.

Is it safe to order from Lulus.com?

Lulus.com won’t be in the industry for more than 20 years if it wasn’t for their good practices in doing business and their patrons. Personally, I’ve had repeat purchases with them, and I didn’t encounter any major issue, whether it’s about payments through my credit card, shipments, and returns. If you’re concerned about the security of purchasing from the website, I suggest you take a look at their Privacy Policy on their website. It discloses everything you need to know about providing your personal info and your card details. The company ensures that its website utilizes a secure SSL encryption technology to protect its user’s and customers’ information. So yes, I would say that shopping via their website, Lulus.com, is safe. But of course, you also need to be extra careful and do your best to keep your information away from prying eyes.

Final Verdict – Lulus.com Review

Although there are some people who have had bad experiences with Lulus.com (yes, I had a few too, when I return my order, and they claim it missed a few days and they charge me shipping fees, but they returned that to me always.), I personally think that the benefits of purchasing your clothing from Lulus.com, or any online boutique for that matter, still outweigh the troubles that you might or might not encounter. Again, I’ve purchased a lot of my clothes from them, and I’ll most likely purchase from them again in the future.

What I love about getting my fashion clothing needs from Lulus.com is how convenient it is to get everything from head to toe in just a few clicks. Their website’s interface is very user-friendly, that you can also filter styles to only show the items according to your size and other preferences like color, length (in case of dresses and sleeves), neckline, heel height, and more! You can also filter it according to your budget, so you’ll know that you’ll stick within your budget. Delivery is fast too, which is also one of the reasons I love buying from them.

Aside from this, I really love that they design and offer items that are modern and very fashionable. Really, this company knows fashion. If you take a look at their products, you will want to buy them all! 😜

Other Details:

Returns: Free return shipping on them for orders returned within 10 days of delivery.

International Orders: Free international shipping on orders over $150 with code: worldwide (economy shipping only)


You may contact LULUS.COM by phone at 1 (866) 918-5858 or email them at love@lulus.com.




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Lulus.com has been a great fashion store for me, I'd love to share it with you. I have taken lots of photos and some videos to showcase their clothes with you!


  • Offers a wide range of clothing, which you can filter according to your preferences.
  • Items are very stylish and modern.
  • Available items for any occasion and season.
  • More affordable and convenient than buying from the mall.
  • Offers good user experience.
  • Lots of reviews with photos, super helpful.
  • Great value - directly from lulus.com


  • With many available stocks and the fact that Lulus.com is the go-to online fashion boutique, don’t be surprised if you saw someone on the street wearing the same outfit as you.
  • I can't share a discount code for you, because their affiliate team don't even bother to respond to my emails 😭👎.