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Minted Invitations – Ordering Custom Wedding Invites For The First Time

Having custom Minted wedding invitations made can be a daunting and expensive process. While some brides may love the challenge, it’s certainly not for everyone. Also, let’s be honest, some couples don’t prioritize the invitation compared to other parts of the wedding, like the venue, the food, or even the band.

However, if you’re into quick, budget-friendly DIY wedding invites, going to a website like Minted might be the solution.

This Minted wedding invitations review will give us a firsthand look at what the company has to offer and whether it’s worth it.

What is Minted?

Minted is an online store specializing in stationery, art, gift products, and more. Meanwhile, Minted Weddings is a sub-website where they offer beautifully designed invites in collaboration with their community of independent designers and artists.

When you order, the wedding invites are customizable so you can decide how they look and have them match your theme easily. Plus, there’s a designer assigned to your order so any minor changes you need can be addressed right away. This ensures that the final product is as close to how you envision it to be.

Ordering Wedding Invites from Minted

Ordering is made simple on the site. All you need to do is pick a design you like. You can choose the format, printing type, price, color, season, card shape, and other special features.

Although the choices can be overwhelming at first, just keep your mood board or theme in mind so your Minted wedding invitations match the feel you are going for.

After choosing your base design, you can pick the type of paper to use. Just be careful about the thickness of the paper. Don’t go above the 3.5 oz. mailing weight so you can keep the price reasonable.

Then the fun part begins – customizing the text, placement, color, and fonts on your invite. You can also customize the back of the card. Luckily, there are templates available for this as well. These are extra though so if you don’t need them, don’t add them.

Also, there’s a “Special Request” button that lets you add notes and directives to the designer directly. Color changes, moving the text a bit, etc. can be added to the request box. The designer will do what they can to ensure your choices are accommodated or they’ll give you a better option.

After this, you choose the envelopes. And if you want, Minted can make your life easier by making the return address labels for your envelopes for free.

Then you submit your order and wait for the proof. If you still need changes at this point, you can add a note to the designer by clicking on that part of the invitation where you need the change and add your notes.

If everything looks good, all you have to do is wait for your physical copy to arrive and start assembling everything.

The Breakdown:

Ease of Ordering

Ordering is made easy with the company since all you have to do is pick a design then customize it accordingly. This is a plus since you won’t have to decide on everything yourself, which for some couples isn’t as important.

Customer Service

Customer service is pretty good too. Plus, you can add notes and requests to your designer as you create your invites. This ensures you get the exact thing you want as much as possible.

Shipping Timeframe

Be warned, shipping time, even for the invitation samples can be quite long. It takes around 10-14 days, so keep it in mind if you need the sampled and actual invitation by a certain time.

Paper Quality and Finishes

Minted impresses with this one, their signature cotton cardstock is beautiful enough as it is and there’s no additional fee to use it. However, if you have a specific paper in mind from their roster, you can upgrade and pay a fee for it.

Printing Quality

This is where the company shines. They offer so many high-end printing options like letterpress and foil and you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to get them!

Since you’re already choosing from a set of designs on the site, the most expensive part of printing (which is making the die stamp) is eliminated. It becomes super affordable to opt for these otherwise expensive printing options when you go with them.

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Important Things To Remember When Ordering Wedding Invites

A few key things to remember though, always keep your timeframe in mind. If you plan to order your invites from Minted or any other company really, consider their lead time and provide an allowance. You’ll never know how long or how soon you’ll receive them.

Also, it helps to order a sample first, even if you have to pay for it. You don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars to find out you hate the invitation.

Always opt to order a few extra too instead of just the exact number you need. This way, you won’t have to reorder in case you realized there are a few more people you would like to invite to the ceremony.

Minted Wedding Invitations Review: Final Verdict

Minted is a solid company. While some services are reasonable, some features can get expensive depending on how much customization you require. They have a gorgeous sample kit that showcases their letterpress examples and paper quality, so highly recommended!

Who Is Minted Great For?

  • Someone who wants pre-made invitations or a website.
  • Those who want an affordable wedding invitation.
  • DIY-brides/grooms-to-be who want an easy way to get their invites done fast and easy.



Is Minted a good wedding website?

Yes, it is one of the most trusted when it comes to beautiful and affordable wedding invitations. They also offer stationery, various art products, and home decorations too. However, one of their best features is that they offer free wedding websites you can set up in just minutes.

The free wedding website offers plenty of designs and each one even comes with matching wedding stationery you can order. You can use the website for basic wedding registries, collecting addresses, wedding party info, and more.

Of course, if you want more features or to add more pages, you can avail the premium version of the wedding website.

What are the best online wedding invitation sites?

Aside from Minted, the following websites also offer good quality invitations:

My Lovely Store – high end stuff
The Wedding Shop by Shutterfly
Greenvelope – e-invites

What is a reasonable price for wedding invitations?

On average, the price for a wedding invitation is around $400 up to $650 for a 100 invitations. However, this could be cheaper or higher depending on the details like the type of paper as well as other customizations you want to be done.

Get in Touch with Minted

You can reach Minted by phone at 1-888-828-6468. You can also email or contact them via live chat through their website.

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Minted is a solid company for wedding invitations. While some services are reasonable, some features can get expensive depending on how much customization you need. If you’re the DIY type and want invites that are beautiful and elegant without taking forever to design - Minted wedding invitations are the perfect solution for you!


1. If you want easy premade designs
2. Lots of design selections
3. Free sample kit!! Yay!

Not So Great:
1. Full customization can get expensive ($250!)
2. Gold foil options are limited when you want to customize it
3. Customization is only for the design, you can't create a unique invitation in shape and style.