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Transferwise is an online money transfer platform. They say they are transparent with little fees and good rates for currency changes. As you can see they have 40,000+ on trustpilot.com, they have a similar amount on Google play.. A new startup, how come so many reviews? Check them out, most good ones like 99% are fake. Read in detail my Transferwise review and my research on their platform, since they put me in sleepless nights. Disgusting company and their shady practices.

And the reason for all this work, and my main suggestion to them: Fix it. You are in a great business. Don't lie to people. Really be transparent. People hate the banks, their currencies, and fees. You can be a great alternative. Currently, you stole my money, and so sad to see you did it so many others. Why?! Why do you take the money and then say nope, we didn't.

TransferWise Review

UPDATE: Although Transferwise said, they never received my money, and not giving it back, luckily my bank got it back! Never using Transferwise again. Super scary. Mistakes maybe happen, but their support looked terrifying about resolving anything and blocks you from their system – just after taking your money. Unbelievable how they turned a great idea and business into a nightmare. Check below for my detailed Transferwise review.

Transferwise is an online money transfer platform. They say they are transparent with little fees and good rates for currency changes. Their number one scamming way of you is to tell you “estimated delivery time is 2 days” and keeping your money in their system for weeks. I guess there is a way they are making money for keeping them under their account. If you can get your money back lucky you, cause it seems like there are people out there weren’t as lucky. Read my personal experience just happening now, and also my research of what the internet says about Transferwise reviews.

If it works it’s great. But if it doesn’t, which happens a lot seems like, it’s a nightmare. Big one! You trust a company with so many reviews, can’t do such a scam. But they can! They do! My nightmare with them is very similar to others I read about. Read below to see if Transferwise is a scam or legit.

They will easily TAKE your money and DEACTIVATE your account.

Ah huh, you heard it right, in seconds your money is taken from your bank, and they email you saying in seconds your money will be transferred and they’ll let you know… It never happens. They don’t email a simple, “your account is deactivated and your money is ours now!!” OR “your account is deactivated and your money is lost” “we’ll refund your money” NOTHING!!!!!! You’ll only realize it when you try to log in…

They will do and say anything to keep the money in their account as long as possible.

I read lots of reviews. When your account is deactivated or something happens, they have auto responses like your bank or recipient’s bank, or something else is taking too long. I don’t know exactly why they want to keep the money longer, but definitely, they do, and it affects people’s lives.

They will TAKE your money and OCCUPY you with DOCUMENT work

Ha. Smart move you losers! They will take your money, and then hold the money. Ask for additional documents to gain time. Like ridiculous documents.

– Why didn’t you ask them in the first place? Since you did the approval process. You said okay, we’ll transfer your money, we got all your info. Ah, wait, nope, we want more.. And remember you sometimes get emails about issues, sometimes nothing. So when you learned your money is on hold, good luck with trying to cancel and take the money back, so you can use alternative methods..

If you say, “YO BITCHES, Send my money back”, It’ll Take FOREVER

So there is an issue with the transfer, and you want to get your money back, ask a refund.. It’ll take forever as well. I’m telling you they have an advantage to keep the money in their account for some reason.

Sorry, your account is deactivated. If you believe this is a mistake, please contact customer support at appeals@transferwise.com

What? Excuse me? I transferred before, and you let me send again last week, you took my money from my bank. And then for a fucking reason, you can’t tell, you deactivate my account. And then you don’t care to send an email about it, and KEEP MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys sorry. This is a new startup scam, I’ve never seen! If I didn’t log in my account today, I was not gonna see the deactivation, and my mom is waiting for a teeth implant that I promised to take care of… It’s been almost two weeks! They deactivated my account. And they don’t even notify me.

I called my bank, told them what happened, they credited my money, and we’ll get it back from those Transferwise scammers! Losers! Shameful company and practices.

I love tech companies, and mistakes are okay to improve. But Transferwise is actually doing it with purpose as so many sad people living in the same nightmare as me.. And that’s the whole reason for this review. Their New York office is in my neighborhood. I wanted to go and see who’s those people doing this shit, and they actually have their photos on Google maps. Such a shame for a great potential business and industry.

Update: When they deactivated my account, and I emailed that “hey send my money back” they said, they didn’t receive the money. For further investigation send your ID, etc…… ” God, they already got them when I signed up their service, and now they want me to email the important documents again?!

They Spend Way Too Much on Marketing, Fake Reviews and Publicity

Future of banking, who knows how it’ll be.. (probably Elon Musk knows.) But one thing is for sure, reviews are important. They spend way too much on reviews. Look below images taken from sites. Fake fake fake. They do regularly post those fake reviews (which is very cheap to hire teams to do that), to cover the real negative reviews which people took their time to write. But then, bam, 10 good reviews on top to push them below.


Transferwise Scam, Fake reviews, Transferwise Reviews

No real customer writes those… Almost 40K reviews like that

Transferwise Scam, Fake reviews, Transferwise Reviews

TransferWise Reviews


And even worse, look at their response. They STILL DON’T listen. Very sad.

TransferWise Reviews TransferWise Reviews TransferWise Reviews TransferWise Reviews TransferWise Reviews  TransferWise Reviews  Transferwise Scam, Fake reviews, Transferwise Reviews