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Pilot Freight Services Review

Should you work with the Pilot Freight Services? Well, most of us won’t have a choice, because the merchants we shop from hire this company. This is my personal review and a bit from what the others think. Read below my short Pilot Freight Services Review.

The main difference other delivery services don’t do and they do is they will call you to schedule an appointment, so they will come and deliver your package. They will carry it upstairs. If you’re in a walk up New York apartment, sounds like a good service.

First, they didn’t call me, so I had to find the tracking and called them and gave the order number, etc.. They connect me to another department and asked me what time from 10 am to 5 pm would be good. I said 1 pm tomorrow is perfect.

Right now, it’s tomorrow (Wednesday). It’s 7pm. I had to cancel all my plans! I’m with such a disgust to them. Why.. How dare.. Fix your business! Respect my time!

3pm the driver called said, “I’ll be there in an hour.” I said “ok I’m here waiting.”

6pm I called the number, and noone answered and I couldn’t leave a voicemail. I texted. “I have to leave soon. You’re 5 hours late. Please leave it inside the building, preferably in front of my apartment door.”

Someone called me from the center, saying they are going to be late. Really? Just leave it in the building. He said no we can’t do it, signature required. How can I give you permission to leave it here? The merchant should email. It would take a long time. Ah really?!

So I stayed home. I’m still home. It’s been 6 hours after the promised time. What’s the purpose of promise if you won’t give a damn about it?


Here’s another Pilot Freight Services Review from Google Reviews, better written probably:

I had a delivery scheduled for Mar 31 and my item never arrived. I made an order a week earlier for a $4,000 television. Two days later I get call from a blocked number telling me I need to schedule an appointment. The call cuts out before I can take the number down and since it was automated and blocked I have no idea who to call. I contact the retailer who sold me the TV and get an order number. On my own I find Pilots webpage for tracking orders and I find there is a way to schedule a delivery appointment online. Despite my freight already having arrived at JFK, I am not allowed to schedule an appointment earlier than a week later. So I wait a week while my TV sits at JFK (10 min away) where any number of things could happen to it. Delivery day comes and Pilot makes you schedule a 4 hour window for them to deliver so I choose between 3 – 7 pm. I notify my building that a large package is coming, reserve the elevator, and leave work early to be there when it comes and make sure the item is in good condition.

When my shipment fails to arrive I call the number provided to me as we get to the end of the 7 pm window. A customer service agent based in Illinois tells me they are sorry for the inconvenience and to wait while they try and get a hold of someone at JFK. They notify me that the office is closed and everyone has gone home. I tell her all I want is for you to call me back tonight to let me know the status (even if there is no change) so I can know if I need to schedule more time off work, etc. I am told that I will receive a call back shortly. After waiting over an hour I call back. Someone picks up and quickly hangs up. I call back several times to no response. After this I try calling the national number 1-800-HI-PILOT. A representative tells me they can’t reach anyone either but they say there is a note in the system to call customer back in the morning.

Problem #1 – Delivery was not made. This is unacceptable. I would at least expect a phone call telling me what happened and how sorry they were. Nothing at all.

Problem #2 – There is no communication between the Pilot’s franchise in JFK and everyone else. The Illinois franchise that shipped the item, Pilot corporate, the retailer, nor myself could reach the person who had my merchandise. This could be a direct reflection on the way that franchise owner (Tom Cain) conducts business, but I would hope corporate management would put in place controls to protect them from reputation risk and irresponsible franchise owners in the future.

Problem #3 – The office closes before the delivery window even ends. If you have any problems there is no one to call as everyone has left the office. Nobody wants to hear a problem they can’t fix either.

Problem #4 – Delivery appointment setup and notifications are automated. At no point do you actually talk to anyone that has your merchandise. No confirmations are made the day before or day of. Even Postmates and Doordash give you ways to contact the driver and this is for a $30 meal – not a $4,000 tv.

Problem #5 – The retailer who sold me the TV ( BTV Direct via Newegg ) did not inform me they were using Pilot until after purchase had been made. If I would have seen these negative reviews I would have never done business with BTV Direct. The only way to warn other people is to post negative reviews about that retailer for using Pilot so hopefully they change their logistics partners.

That’s all from Pilot Freight Services review. Hope they fix their system.









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Terrible delivery service. Merchants at least give a notice to your customers if you're using the Pilot services, so they won't buy it from you.