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Chris Guillebeau & WDS Review – I Feel Scammed!!! 🙁

Who is Chris Guillebeau?  What is WDS? It’s called the World Domination Summit, which Chris organizes. And congrats to him, that he made some free money from it because although it’s canceled like everything because of COVID 19, he rejected giving refunds. He preferred to not responding to my emails, or Instagram messages. He simply ignored. We’re going to talk about my personal opinions about him and his creepy cult as another participant talked about it. Chris Guillebeau review, and also WDS World Domination Summit Review, take a seat, won’t be too long of a post. When I see unfairness, I can’t stop fighting it. As a kid, I’d get beaten up, but I defended what I believed right and fair.  In these unfortunate events, there is not much I can do. I feel anger towards the unfairness, I feel scammed. Here’s I’m putting all down written, and I will get my positive vibes and continue to do what’s right in my life. (hopefully not thinking again about this)

I’ve been doing marketing, blogging, SEO for the last 10 years probably. I never had a real job myself either just like Chris is marketing himself for, what’s so much to be proud of it, not sure… My connection starts with this: I read the book $100 Startup sometime in the past. And then last year 2019, my friends who do online software developing mentioned they went to this World Domination Summit event, and they have done a road trip. They looked like they really enjoyed it and she recommended me to go. At the time I was talking with my friends, I was craving for similarly minded entrepreneur connection. I wanted to connect with others. “Oh, the writer of $100 Startup organizes this WDS event, and it’s the last one this year.” So it was a quick decision, I didn’t make much research, not at all. I entered my card info and paid. Booked my flight and hotel. I was going to my FIRST ever conference/summit/meeting.

A self note here, Nesli, please make your own research always! If I read this blog on World Domination Summit (WDS) Review: A Creepy Cult, before I signed up and paid (non-refundable), I would not go in the first place!!!

And I’ll copy-paste what he said:

World Domination Summit is the brainchild of Chris Guillebeau.
And the attendees all seem to be his sycophants (I had barely heard of him before buying a ticket).
I often wonder why guys like Chris Guillebeau and Seth Godin are held up in such high esteem.
Other than blogging and writing bestsellers, what exactly have they achieved (how can anyone not see the irony of a person with no authentic life achievements write a bestseller advising others on life)?

What has Chris Guillebeau done?

Traveling to every country on earth is a fun story to tell at dinner parties but it doesn’t give you street cred as an authority on life and business. The only noteworthy achievement Guillebeau, Godin, and others like them have is that they’re experts on self-promotion.

WDS is a gigantic fanfare for Chris. 👏


So in March 2020, COVID happens, the hotel, even the airlines agree to give refunds. I ask WDS to give me a refund, they email and say no, it’s nonrefundable, but don’t worry we’ll do it next year, and you can sell your ticket to someone else. When I check their website, it says the 2021 event is sold out. Ahh, fucking liars, and now it feels like a scam.

I check Chris’s Instagram, he’s promoting a book that he published recently. The Money Tree. How to make easy money, from your backyard. Arghh. I post an Instagram story, telling how disappointed I was feeling all of this act they were doing. But that only started new discoveries how suck Chris Guillebeau was actually, OMG! Look at the picture below. Who does that?!

Chris Guillebeau & WDS Review - I Feel Scammed!!! :(

If someone tagged me in a post, like that, I would answer. Chris literally ignored it. Asshole!

Chris Guillebeau & WDS Review - I Feel Scammed!!! :(

And I felt embarrassed for him. What kind of loser you have to be to ignore someone who paid you for your services? My friends said, just dispute your bank, it should be fine. But the WDS team, showed the bank the small prints, saying no refunds. I asked my bank, so if I sell something or a service, and make the customer sign for “no refunds”, and then not give the service or product, will I keep the money? The bank said yes! Yes, you can screw customers, as long as they sign a payment contract accepting that.

Chris Guillebeau talks about making money easy in his recent book Money Tree. Finding money in your backyard. While unethically and legally making money from people like me. SHAME on you!! Shame on you for not responding to me, I’ll let the karma do what other stuff he can do on you, living with your mindset and heart should be hard.

Money Tree Book Review Chris Guillebeau

Chris Guillebeau traveled 193 countries… Wow. This is an accomplishment for him. I bet he would be proud if he was not married to say things like “I slept with XYZ amount of women”. It’s a numbers game for him. Traveling without getting to know the countries and their culture.. but for the sake of telling that, he traveled the world. Leaving all this carbon footprint for the sake of his branding and his ego. I wouldn’t judge anyone for that, this is a free country, he has an agenda, he can do as he wishes. There are many others who do the same thing, travel every week somewhere, updating their Instagram. I’m not judging him, but I’m pointing to him. Chris Guillebeau is a traveler like that type.

I’ve been to many European cities. I never said “I traveled to London”, “I traveled to Italy” etc. How can I say I’ve traveled when I only visited London for less than a week! Traveling is amazing when you let the journey takes you inside and outside. When you experience local life and culture.

He writes empty books, behind his empty brand. But a brand good-bad, it’s still a brand. He knows how to make the New York Times bestseller. If he did write a book and sell one about branding for even shitty personalities and losers and putting their books on the New York Times bestsellers list?! I love that!!! (There are already people teaching that. But still, I’m sure Chris knows a lot about it that he can actually share his knowledge with people.)

Finally, let’s just talk about Chris Guillebeau’s “cult” not just the World Domination Summit. There are many books and documentaries about building a cult and managing it.. I’ve never interested in even learning about it. I like smart people. I like helping people. I like meaningful conversations and meaningful lives (one asks questions and search for answers). One thing that pushes me away from those cults is the community built on weak members, who don’t truly know themself and don’t love themself. They follow a fake leader, who jumps from a box on a stage. Those cult leaders put themself in the center; their soul feeds on those applauses. They don’t empower the members. They pretend to empower.

Okay, I’m done with this gross Chris Guillebeau and the WDS!


  • be the example of what you’re telling people to do.
  • you have the community, really empower them, let them find their true power within, not in you, eww!
  • sorry, I’m so disgusted by him, his behavior, he has so many 5 star reviews by his “fans” on Amazon. I can’t give objective recommendations.


SXSW also did the same thing, due to COVID rejected to give refunds, saying come to the event next years… Problem? They already lost the trust of their community. They should have refunded participants wanting refunds. Instead of rejecting refunds, asking their community, they need the help, would have been so much positive. All the brands would give their support to keep the SXSW survive. Now? First, they will bankrupt, and even if they make it happen, people won’t go. Trust is important. Transparency is important. Quality is important.  Now there is a class-action lawsuit against SXSW.

The organizers of the South By Southwest (SXSW) music festival face a class action over their alleged refusal to issue refunds following the event’s cancellation due to the COVID-19 crisis.

In these situations, I wish I was a lawyer. I could sue Chris Guillebeau and WDS. Also, the Discover bank who didn’t stick to me, like Chase bank refunded their customers SXSW payments as I read elsewhere. Discover said you signed and accepted no refunds. Like they are some dumbos, obviously, I knew I was not gonna ask a refund, but THEY NEVER DONE THE EVENT, I NEVER RECEIVED THE SERVICE in the time that was promised. WHY DO THEY KEEP THE MONEY?!

Read this The Money Tree Review on Amazon, which explains much of this author. Without giving any value, just repeating himself to sell his other books and now his podcast. Again, all other reviews repeat the same thing, the plot, and how inspirational the book is fan reviews or promotional reviews..

Please join the conversation below. Excuse my language, please use a kinder one without the banned words like shit, fuck, asshole. I couldn’t stay non-emotional, but I’d like you to try to be as objective as possible. 😊

If you organized an event, and the event is canceled because of the act of God’s events, would you keep the money, or send it back to buyers; and face the circumstances as all other businesses face? Flights refunded monies, although clearly, it’s non-refundable, and clearly airlines are having financial difficulties.







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We're going to talk about my personal opinions about him and his creepy cult as another participant talked about it. Chris Guillebeau review, and also WDS World Domination Summit Review, take a seat, won't be too long of a post. How original his books? How informative, how much repetition he has, etc you can research elsewhere. This is my personal experience with him where I saw his true face. And I feel disgusted by it.