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ClassPass Review

classpass review

For those who are not that familiar with how ClassPass works, let me break it down to you. ClassPass is a fitness membership that gives subscribers an all-access to a global network of more than 8,000 fitness studios and gyms! By joining, you’ll be able to try out what’s new and trending in fitness in different studios, and yes, it’s cheaper than joining a regular gym membership!

So have you been thinking about signing up with ClassPass soon? Here’s what you need to know before joining, and I hope my ClassPass review will help you decide!


It’s cost-effective

If well-rounded fitness workouts are your thing, then subscribing to it is something you might be interested in. With over 8,000 studio partnerships, you can try any fitness class anytime. For instance, instead of committing to an annual gym membership while having another subscription in, let’s say, yoga or spinning class, you can enjoy all types of classes for a much lower price!

You can workout anywhere, anytime

Your fitness membership will never go to waste every time you travel or if ever you decide to move to another city. With the number of studio partners you can choose from, you will surely find and join a class nearby! On ClassPass, you can filter the available classes based on location, which is amazingly convenient!

In addition, we all know that most of the gyms have scheduled group classes every week, but if you prefer to train at specific times, you can most likely get a workout class that fits your schedule. In the ClassPass app, you can see the available classes during your preferred time.

Membership is flexible

At some point, I felt that I was trapped in my gym membership. No matter how many times I’ve thought of quitting or canceling my subscription, I end up not doing it because I always want to give it another try. I sometimes feel guilty about not working out, let alone canceling my gym membership entirely! As an entrepreneur with a hectic and varying schedule, I find ClassPass very fitting. I can still squeeze in a quick workout anytime, and I can ‘freeze’ my membership during my busiest months without any additional cost and being limited by strict terms and conditions.

It’s ideal if you want to try different fitness workouts

There’s nothing wrong with having a gym membership! And you don’t have to cancel your subscription completely when you decide to join ClassPass. Because ClassPass is also ideal if you’re also looking for a supplementary workout to go with your strength and muscle weight workouts. For example, you can do your usual muscle training every weekday, and do a more relaxing workout on weekends, like pilates or maybe meditation. And if you feel that you need more work on your legs, for instance, then you might want to squeeze in a few cycling classes once in a while!


It’s limited

If you want a daily workout, ClassPass might not be the best option for you. Membership has its limitations too! All though it gives you access to numerous studios, your subscription will only allow you to take 2-3 classes a week if you want to try out the popular ones. 2-3 classes per week might not be enough for you, that’s why some people use it as an extra subscription only.

Some classes are blocked off

Studios’ most popular classes and time slots are sometimes not available for ClassPass users. At the time of writing this ClassPass review, the classes that are scheduled before and after the usual work hours are usually reserved and allocated to the in-house studio members, knowing that these timeslots are the most sought-after. Because of this, schedules available for users become limited. For those who *really* want to try the popular classes sometimes end up subscribing to the full studio package.

No consistency

They say consistency is key. Although trying out a variety of fitness workouts is very helpful, progress might not be too evident and noticeable. Since you’re doing different workouts at a time, you might not be able to focus on what you really want to achieve. You would really enjoy trying out a variety of exercises at first, but eventually, you would also pine for consistency.

There are no-show and cancellation charges

We know that ClassPass is ideal for people who need a more flexible workout itinerary. But if you have a very hectic schedule and have to cancel a reservation all of a sudden (within 12 hours before class starts), you will be charged a $15 cancellation fee. Also, at the time of creating this ClassPass review, if you don’t show up in a class you reserved, you’ll be charged a $20 no-show fee. So if your schedule is unpredictable and has to cancel many times, it might end up to be more pricey than an in-house studio or gym membership.

Now that you’re familiar with the pros and cons of joining ClassPass, you can now decide whether this membership is for you. What are your thoughts based on our review? We’d love to hear your stories!

Classpass Review
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With Covid now ending, I found that I love the Classpass. Why? Because I missed working out in studios, oh my gosh! 🙂 I need that group pressure! I highly recommend joining this community!

Try it for 14 days, many studio offer 50% off for the trial time, so you'll spend 20 credits with MANY classes. And then you'll decide if you want to keep it. But for $45 - after the trial (for only 1 class fee otherwise), you can take MANY classes. I LOVE IT! ❤️