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Joie de Viv Jewelry Review – Buying High-End Jewelry Online

With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, you’re probably starting to think of what to give your special ones (and yourself – why not? ☺️). While useful or practical gifts are always the way to go, and baked goods or a movie treat always add a touch of tender loving care, isn’t it nice to think outside the box this time and go for something that could last forever? Something that every time you or your loved ones use or look at it, you’ll just feel great and more confident. If there is any gift in the world that would make women feel special, that would be a gift of quality jewelry that you can enjoy in everyday moments. Today we’ll look into Joie de Viv Online Jewelry company promises high-quality stylish jewelry, with my detailed Joie de Viv Review.

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I’m the type of person who can’t leave home without a few accessories to compliment my modern, minimalist style. And since I wear them almost the whole day, 7 days a week, I’m always on the lookout for quality jewelry that won’t cost me the earth. I love to accessorize, but I splurge only on things that are worth it. And if I’m going to give jewelry as a gift to my loved ones, I’d like to give something that they actually love.

During the COVID times, I was checking some gift ideas online, I chanced upon Joie De Viv on Instagram. I loved how simple yet very elegant their products looked, I was immediately captivated. In my mind, I thought my mom would really love them. But before rushing into buying them as gifts, of course, I decided to buy a few for myself first 😉

I’ll share my thoughts in just a bit. In the meantime, let me introduce you to the company behind these timeless pieces. The founder of Joie de Viv believes that jewelry is meant to be luxurious, fun, ethical, and a part of every day, a one of a kind jewelry experience designed for the modern woman. If you look at their pieces closely, each unique design has been inspired by a community of modern women around the world – travelers, adventure seekers, and dreamers, as reflected in their collection – Aurora, Gabriela, Olivia, Amelie, and Florence. On top of this, the company focuses on ethical and sustainable sourcing, but with their relatively reasonable price for their jewelry, they guarantee that it does not compromise the quality of their products.

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Packaging and Design: Joie de Viv Online Jewelry Review

Joie de Viv website showcases their products worn by their exact inspiration – modern women. They offer a variety of designs for earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Their designs are so elegant, they can harmonize with any style and occasion.

I received the packages a few days after placing an order on their website. Shipping is very fast. It was neatly and safely packed, so the packaging itself arrived without any dents or scratches. The items I ordered was packed nicely in a pretty, pink box sealed with a silk ribbon. The box is thick and obviously of high-quality, so the jewelry inside is protected from scratches and moisture. And most important part for me was to see the suede/velvet box inside the big pink box and opening it!

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When you open the suede jewelry box there is a light(!) highlighting the jewelry, so pretty awesome!

Overall, I don’t think I can name one design that I don’t like. All of their designs – from necklaces to bracelets, as well as their earrings and rings – are stunning! As I mentioned, the designs are subtle and soft, yet very striking; modern and minimalist, yet still exudes a classy, timeless feel.

I’ve actually got most of their ring collections and bracelets, and I am really enjoying how wonderfully my Joie de Viv jewelry upgrade my whole look and feel. I’m sure my mom would love the design I picked for her too – still didn’t send it to her yet!


When the company said quality fine jewelry, they meant it. The photos on their website look remarkable on their own, but they don’t give justice to the actual piece. The diamonds are so SPARKLY and very beautiful, it’s like I am wearing hella expensive jewelry. (Well, lol they are kinda expensive)

But the thing is, it’s not even close to the prices from other fine jewelry shops. What really fascinated me was how I got the quality of fine jewelry with a design that is just amazing, without having to feel guilty about the price. With how the company paid attention to the environment and the women of today, I know I just made a good choice buying from them.

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If your skin is sensitive and easily reacts to certain types of earrings and jewelry, especially low-quality ones, you can rest assure your skin will be happy with Joei de Viv. I always do my research about the materials before I purchase to ensure that it is suitable for me and won’t irritate my skin. Fortunately, with their 18K solid gold, my skin didn’t react to Joie de Viv’s jewelry even after months of using it.

This type of jewelry has been my everyday accessory since I got it, and I can’t wait to see how it goes with my other dresses and casual outfits. Would I use it in the office? Yes. Would I use it when I run some errands? Why not? Would I wear it on gatherings, dates, and special occasions? Definitely! It’s true that it will become part of your every day, I know it did with mine! ❤️

Returns: Joie de Viv Jewelry Review

I’ve bought 2 tennis bracelets, one white gold for my mom, and one colorful rose gold for myself. Beautiful, they were both so beautiful and elegant. After seeing mine, I realized my lifestyle, random handstands, and yoga postures wouldn’t allow me to use a delicate jewelry piece. My mom? Oh, she’d love it, however, I didn’t want to take off my jewelry when I was taking a bath. So I wanted to return, and returns are SO EASY! There are no refunds, so you can use it as a store credit. So I returned my bracelet and ordered five 18K sustainable diamond rings instead. 😄

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Customer Support: Joie de Viv Jewelry Review

Well, I had to open a separate section for Joei de Viv’s customer support, they have been fantastic! They use the Facebook messenger chat system, and OMG it’s just so good. I messaged them a lot for so many different reasons, in the end, we’re paying a lot, buying high-end jewelry which a lot of women still worry about shopping online… So they always instantly got back to me, and sometimes in a few hours. I say yes to that!!! It’s very comforting.👏

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Love this: That certain je ne sais quoi…

Other Details:

Price: Ranges from $399 – $4799

Materials: 18K solid gold, lab-grown diamonds

Return Policy: You may return your order in its original, unworn condition within 7 days of receiving your order for store credit. To be deemed acceptable for store credit or exchange, returned merchandise must be undamaged, in new and unused condition, and with BOTH product tags still attached to the jewelry. Items showing obvious signs of wear or alteration by a jeweler other than Joie de Viv or do not adhere to the above mentioned will not be accepted.

Shipping Policy: Free US Ground shipping for all items over $100. Free shipping is offered to all destinations within the US and territories, requires 7-10 business days in addition to processing times for delivery, and includes shipping insurance. Expedited shipping methods can be purchased at checkout for an additional fee.


What does fine jewelry mean?
In definition, ‘fine’ means to be of higher-grade or superior quality. In terms of jewelry, ‘fine jewelry’, as opposed to ‘fashion jewelry’ means that it is made of solid gold, platinum, silver, and other precious metals and gemstones, and has also undergone a meticulous and exceptional process to ensure the quality of the finished product. Obviously, fine jewelry is a lot more expensive than fashion jewelry, but the quality of fine jewelry is unparalleled.

What is the best online (affordable) fine jewelry store?
From my experience these are the 4 best online jewelry stores that won’t hurt your wallet:

Joie De Viv
Vrai and Oro

Get in Touch with Joei de Viv

You may contact Joie de Viv through email at support@joiedeviv.com.

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- Prices are relatively affordable for fine jewelry pieces
- Only 18K solid gold pieces
- Designs are very classy and timeless
- Great packaging, superb experience!
- Free shipping for all items over $100
- All items are insured for their full dollar value

Not so good:

- Design choices are limited
- Returns are allowed, but for store credit 👎
- Requires a signature upon delivery of all shipments
- Shipping addresses cannot be changed after the order is placed and payment is approved