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Samsung Gear VR Unboxing

Hey guys, what do you think about my first unboxing video? 🙂 It’s the unexpected Samsung Gear VR unboxing. Read my full Samsung Gear VR review here… My initial idea was, I’d never use it… But as soon as I unboxed it and set it up, which took a while to download the apps, I was completely in shock!!! This is the future beginning. A different world of visual, communication, gaming. Holly cow!!! Watch the unboxing video below:

So, about the unboxing the Samsung Gear VR:

  • it has a beautiful packaging
  • includes what you see in the video and photos, straps, USB C, controllers, batteries, VR itself.
  • it has a beautiful design, the first impression, looks really pretty, so I say would be a great gift.
Samsung Gear VR Unboxing
  • Packaging
  • First Impression


This is the Samsung Gear VR unboxing review.
Read my full Samsung Gear VR review here.