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COWIN E7 Headphones Review

COWIN E7 Active has made its way to the wireless, noise-cancelling headphones category because of its awesome wireless range and its value for money. Today, join me as I share with you my Cowin E7 Headphones Review, which will be based on my personal experience with this fairly new headphones brand. If you’re someone who’s looking for decent wireless headphones that’s within your budget, then COWIN E7 Active is something you might want to look into. In my recent posts, I’ve reviewed quite a few headphones whose brands are already well-established and whose price is a bit steep for many.

Packaging and Design

Unlike the better-known brands like Bose, Sony, and Bowers & Wilkins, to mention a few, the COWIN E7 comes with a drawstring pouch, in place of a soft case. The drawstring pouch can carry and fit the headphones and its accessories perfectly, but it is obviously not durable enough to protect the headphones from breakage or damage when dropped or trampled on by something heavy. It’s not the end of the world, though. You can still purchase a soft case separately if you wish.

The design of Cowin E7 is a bit bulky for me. And sadly, the headband is not foldable, unlike Bose and Sony’s new headphones. Personally, it’s not something I would want to bring especially when my bag has very limited space and on light travels. What I liked about the Cowin E7 is its well-padded earcups, which is very comfortable even in long hours of use.


COWIN E7 Headphones Review



Cowin E7’s noise-canceling feature is surprisingly great. With its Active Noise Canceling technology, the headphones can block out external noise and will let you listen to your music in peace. Since it is relatively affordable, I honestly assumed that the performance of its noise-canceling feature would be mediocre, but the Cowin E7 proved me wrong. Praises go to them as well when it comes to its excellent wireless range! Cowin E7 headphones connect to your device via Bluetooth (supports NFC for easier pairing with your smartphones), and its range is good for both indoors and outdoors!

Charging the headphones took a long time, but I was able to use it for days without recharging (total usage hours: 24-26 hours).

In terms of sound quality, the Cowin E7 is not perfect. Its sound is a bit scattered for certain songs, but at the time of writing this Cowin E7 headphones review, I still find the overall sound quality tolerable.


In this Cowin E7 headphones review, I’m gonna tell you my honest opinion based on my personal experience. For a budget active noise-canceling wireless headphones, Cowin E7 is definitely a good buy. However, there are still a couple of areas for improvement. I would unquestionably recommend the Cowin E7 for those who are looking for quality ANC Bluetooth headphones that are affordable.


What is included in the Box with the E7’s?
The E7 Headphones come with multiple free accessories for your convenience as listed below:
1. A Black synthetic leather travel bag for the Headphones.
2. A 1 Meter 3.5mm Audio Jack Cable.
3. A USB to micro USB charging cable.
If you require a hard case, Bluetooth adapter, or other accessories, you may e-mail them at support@cowineurope.com.

How do I activate Noise-canceling?
The E7 Noise cancelling is activated via the small switch under the right ear-cup, switch it to NC to activate the active Noise cancelling. (Please note that there are versions of the E7 Headphones without Noise cancelling, if you do not have ‘NC’ marked on the switch then you have the non Noise cancelling versions).

Can the E7 battery be replaced?
Yes! All batteries eventually wear out over time, however, Cowin E7 batteries can be easily and cheaply replaced, Batteries can be bought on their website at http://cowinmusic.com/e7-replacement-battery/.

How big is the Headband?
From the top of the left speaker to the top of the right speaker measures 28cm along the inside of the headband when set to their smallest size and they expand to fit any known human head. The speakers sitting on the midpoint of your ears would be about 33 cm at their smallest setting. The whole unit flexes to Provide maximum comfort for almost any user.

Cowin E7 has an outstanding noise-canceling feature and an incredible wireless range, considering that these pair of headphones are very affordable. Wearing the headphones is very comfortable and battery life can reach up to more than 24 hours, which makes it a pretty good companion in long roadtrips or travels.

Not so good: Cowin E7 headphones are too bulky for me. And the fact that the headband doesn’t fold, carrying it along takes too much space in my bag. The material of the headphones itself is not of the highest quality, but it is actually comfortable to wear, and at the time of writing this Cowin E7 Headphones review, I had no issues with the material. However, the sound quality is scattered in certain songs, which may be an issue for some.