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SONY Xperia vs SAMSUNG S8 Comparison

Sony Experia sucks the whole world! This is my SONY Xperia vs SAMSUNG S8 Comparison post so you don’t make the same mistakes.

From the moment I got it, I hated it, and couldn’t return it because I made the mistake to buy it from B&H.

Why Sony Experia is a bad choice?

  • First of all, don’t dare to drop it, it cracks the screen easily.
  • Second, I wanted it because it was waterproof. A piece of marketing material. The charging lock opens easily, and guess what? Once it’s open the warranty is void!!!! How stupid it is?? You ask them, “hey, you said it’s waterproof, and I was not even in the pool like in your ads, it was just raining, and it’s not working now.. ??” and they say “if this charging door/lock is opened, the warranty is void, sorry.” And these calls are to overseas, and yes, it’s not easy to communicate. Nobody cares about you!
  • So it’s the most scammy way to get people’s money, and enthusiasm, and then just screw them.
  • This is not how you build a long-term lovable company.
  • (Also reading Elon Musk, and Tesla SpaceX story, man, this is how you create a product and company that people talk to their friends about it nicely with passion.)
  • Camera. I thought it would be good, you know it’s Sony. It was such a wrong idea! Like the big old traditional companies, they stopped true real innovation and stuck between their corporate trap.
  • Sony Experia camera just sucks. Night time, or even a bit darker, the camera is awful.. Terrible..

Samsung s8 vs Sony Xperia, Sony Xperia vs Samsung S8 Sony Xperia vs Samsung S8

And now, briefly, Samsung S8 is pretty awesome, you can look at my photos latest ones from this Samsung.

  • Great camera
  • Great screen, large, elegant, bright, great colors
  • My live stream quality is much better for Periscope, Facebook live, etc..

I’ll keep this post updated. Please write your comment below. What do you think about this Sony Xperia vs Samsung S8?