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Good: Perpetual Shades Sleep Masks are pretty good in blocking out light and they are comfortable to use. The material used in the mask and the strap are soft on the skin, which adds to the relaxing sleep and allows the stomach sleeping. I also love that there are so many designs to choose from!

Not so good: Although I find it good enough in blocking out light, light sleepers might be less satisfied. The straps are stretchy which makes it adjustable itself, however, if you want full control over the strap, that's not possible.

Perpetual Shade Sleep Mask Review

If you have rummaged around the world wide web looking for the best sleep mask for you, you have probably chanced upon this online sleep mask boutique called Perpetual Shade over at www.perpetualshade.com. Once you’ve reached their website, you’ll want to scroll and browse all their products – they have a wide range of designs to choose from! Moreover, Perpetual Shade sleep masks can also be found at physical shops and specialty boutiques in LA and New York, so if you live within or near these states, you’re in for a treat because you’ll get to see and feel the material of these modish sleep masks.

Perpetual Shade Sleep Mask Review: Design

Perpetual Shades are available in various materials and designs, including cotton, silk, designer prints, and you can even have them customized! How cool is that? The cotton sleep masks are available in both plain and bold designs, and there are some with statements and puns printed on them, and honestly, I felt tempted to get one of these just because. They are too cute not to bring during travels or give out as gifts to family and friends. Likewise, their silk sleep masks are also in chic designs, stylish patterns, and vibrant colors.

While browsing through several assorted eye masks on their website, I also came across something interesting – Lavender-Scented Silk Sleep Mask! Yes, you read that right. I, too, was surprised and intrigued. I looked it up and learned that it is not just another publicity stunt – the scent of lavender is actually acknowledged as a natural sleep aid. Many studies show that the floral scent of lavender has soothing properties that can help calm your nerves, relax your muscles, alleviate stress and anxiety, and can give you a good night’s rest. Those lavender scented silk shades are not just a sight for sore eyes, they smell good and are good for your health as well!

Perpetual Shade Eye Mask Review: Performance

Aesthetics aside, everyone has the ultimate reason for buying a sleep mask – to simulate darkness and to help us recover faster, more comfortably, and with less distractions. The problem with most of the sleep masks I’ve tried is that there is always a trade-off between comfort and coverage. Some eye masks do well in blocking out light but do not really give the comfort you need as you sleep. On the other hand, some masks give you a relaxing feeling but tend to be loose and unsecured, allowing a small amount of light to pass through when you use them. And for sleep mask aficionados, finding the ideal one that can give you both can be frustrating.

Unlike the other pretty and fancy eye masks, the Perpetual Shade mask actually does its work in blocking out enough light. Although it doesn’t completely fend off light, it does a better job than many sleep mask brands. What I really like about it is how it fits comfortably and it doesn’t put too much pressure on my eyes, face and the back of my ears. It is also just about the right size to provide sufficient coverage to prevent as much light as possible. It is a strech strap as well, so it can accommodate any head or face size. With its 100% charmeuse silk and lambswool material, it comes as no surprise that Perpetual Shade sleep mask is incredibly smooth and soft to touch, which is really comfortable and gentle on the face.

Perpetual Shade Sleep Mask Review: Verdict

As someone who is very particular about both function and comfort, I am, so far, happy with my Perpetual Shade sleep mask. Although the function is the priority, I also do care about the design when getting a sleep mask; it is a bonus that I can also get to choose a design that will fit my style.

Do I recommend you to try and purchase a Perpetual Shade sleep mask? I would say yes because I feel that it provided my minimum requirements – it is functional, comfortable, stylish, and it does its job. It would be unfair to compare it to 3D contoured eye masks, or masks with soothing gel, or those high-tech sleeping masks that monitor sleep and fight jet lags, but I enjoyed using it nonetheless because it still made sleeping easier and more relaxing. Either way, I love using them at home and I also love bringing it during travels! I hope you enjoy this Perpetual Shade Sleep Mask review! What’s your favorite pick from their website?


How do I wash my Perpetual Shades Sleep Mask?
You just simply wash it with warm or cold water. You may use a small amount of liquid detergent or liquid handwash/gentle soap.

How will I know if the size of the mask fit me?
The strap of the masks is adjustable and could fit anyone with an average head size of 19 ¾ inches to 27 ⅕ inches in circumference.