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MasterClass Review – Worth the Money & Time?

I’m sure most of you have already come across MasterClass.com – on online articles you read, on your social media accounts, or you’ve probably heard it from someone else. Who wouldn’t be enticed to check it out when you see the likes of Natalie Portman teaching acting or Serena Williams teaching tennis? Or maybe Dan Brown teaching writing thrillers or Shonda Rhimes teaching writing for television? When they say “Master Class”, they do mean it. What better way to master something than to learn them from the “masters”? Whether you are passionate about any of the classes they offer or you’re looking to learn something new, then MasterClass.com is something you should check out. Now let’s dive into my Masterclass review below. Is it worth all the $199 they are asking for?

MasterClass is the brainchild of David Rogier, an entrepreneur, and Aaron Rasmussen, an inventor. They started MasterClass to help more people access ideas and knowledge from experts in particular fields, and their goal is “in a small way, make the world a bit more equal.”

MasterClass is an online education platform, where you can learn and acquire new knowledge and skills from the experts and successful leaders in their field from the comfort of your own home. Joining this online learning platform is $90 for lifetime access to one class and $180 annually or $15 monthly for all-access to available classes.

I just recently decided to join MasterClass, and I would love to share with you my initial experience. What makes it different from other online learning platforms? Is paying $90 or $180 per year really worth it? Will I really learn a lot from the classes? Okay, I’ll try my best to answer all these, so read my full review on MasterClass and I’ll share my experiences in the first couple of weeks since joining. By the way, I got the all-access pass, and I’m glad I did because it would really keep me occupied while I stay at home during this Covid-19 pandemic.

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PROS of MasterClass Subscription

There are a lot of classes to choose from

When I started browsing the videos available in Masterclass, it was quite overwhelming that I didn’t know which ones to start! I am interested in honing my skill in writing and in business in general, so I checked out these kinds of lessons first, but I was distracted by other lessons that I thought I won’t be interested in but I did – like cooking, sports, as well as music! Lol. Let’s see how it goes! Maybe it’s time to learn a new talent.

The teachers are one of the best, if not the best, in their individual fields

Like I’ve said, what better way to acquire knowledge or skill than to learn from the experts or masters that a lot of people, including you, look up to? This is not even an understatement – the teachers are really well-known and have made a name in their individual fields. Even “beginners” will recognize them! Who does not want to learn from someone who succeeded in their own discipline?

Lessons are available for students of all skill levels

What’s good about the classes offered by MasterClass is that whether you’re a beginner or someone who already has a background or experience in a particular field, you’ll still surely learn a thing or two from the masters. With their unique experiences, they can share with you an idiosyncratic or special skillset that you won’t probably learn elsewhere.

High quality

Now, when I say high quality, I am talking about how the lessons are structured and how the classes (videos) were produced. They were so good that it’s like watching a movie or documentary. The courses and the whole production were obviously well-planned.

Lessons are easy to understand

I’m gonna highlight how structured the lessons are once again. Each lecture is broken down into videos that contain a subtopic or a new module. Supplement materials are also available to aid in your learning. Each video is not too long, so it’s easy to squeeze some learning time during breaks or free time. Instructors do their best to make lessons easier to understand through illustrations, visual aids, as well as demonstrations.

CONS of MasterClass Subscription

No option to download videos

Having a feature to download videos to your computer, tablet, or cellphone would be helpful for some people. But personally, I don’t have any complaints about it for now because I have access to wifi all the time. However, I think this would be a disadvantage as other online education platforms have the option to download videos. But again, I don’t mind it.

Insufficient follow-through

Unlike other online learning platforms wherein instructors take time to accommodate questions and answer them, this is something that MasterClass cannot offer fully. Although there’s an option to leave comments and questions, not all concerns are addressed. It’s understandable though since the instructors are A-listers and maybe don’t have the time to check them out.

VERDICT: MasterClass Review

Is it worth it? YES!!!

Would it be enough to make you a “master” of something? NOT REALLY…

Don’t get me wrong, I think the price is really worth it and I would recommend it to anyone. But here’s the thing. You will learn A LOT from the lessons offered by MasterClass, but becoming proficient in your chosen field will always depend on you – your determination, your enthusiasm, your resourcefulness. Of course, these videos are not enough, but the lessons from MasterClass are great supplementation to help you improve. I suggest you take other courses related to the topic you’re interested in – maybe attend seminars or hands-on workshops as well. Summary just learning from masters doesn’t make a master. Years of experience of what they are teaching are a must and they are giving an amazing start for your mastery! Enjoy!!! Thanks for reading my MasterClass review, a video review is coming soon as well! ❤️

My Favorite MasterClasses

MasterClass Review, Master Class Review

I was eating my lunch, and said I’ll watch MasterClass instead of Netflix or YouTube.. And MasterClass keeps adding new masters. I saw this, dog training yay! I’d like to learn about it. And bam! This guy is amazing! He has a big heart and super handsome! 😇🥰 Crash alert! ❤️


MasterClass Review, Master Class Review

Robin is inspiring. I didn’t know her before I watched the class. She’s made me cry a lot, and taught me a lot. Thank you Robin, thank you MasterClass for bringing us together like many other masters otherwise couldn’t meet.


MasterClass Review, Master Class Review

The reason I joined the MasterClass was Chris Voss… Man, he’s very charismatic, and he teaches you how to! 😊 I keep watching this series with friends again and again.


MasterClass Review, Master Class Review

Again, like many others, I didn’t know who RuPaul was. And I loved this class a lot, which made me cry and helped me to connect to my authentic self. Amazinga! Thank you Rupaul and MasterClass 🙏


MasterClass Review, Master Class Review

I didn’t these guys but I watched their commercials… Learning the backstory and their mind is so amazing! 🙂


My Next Ones I’ll Watch

Basketball class – Stephen Curry

Skateboarding class – Tony Hawk

Cooking class – Gordon Ramsay

Malcolm Gladwell – whatever he’s teaching. I’m reading his book, and OMG so good!!! Then I saw his face on MasterClass. They always bring the top talents. Lovely!



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  • Company


MasterClass is an online class website created for students of all skill levels by instructors who are the best in the world. If there is a master in anything they are the masters and it's a privilege to receive their wisdom.

- Prices are affordable for the quality of the instructors and their class content.
- Super user-friendly mobile app, wow!
- Wide variety of classes, cooking, acting, communication, dog training!:)
- Amazing video quality.

Not so good:
- Not many specifications. Like let's say you like the "how to negotiate", if you want to learn a similar topic, there is not much. 🙁 Like they are giving a taste of something so so sooo good and then you're have to go find it elsewhere... 😒
- Wide variety of classes, you may not like them all...