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Imagine for a second that you love Tesla. You’ve test-driven their Model S and even had an overnight test drive with their Model X. You admire their cars, and despite some ups and downs, you respect and like Elon Musk too. This is my Tesla review story started about a week ago… So, when your car got flooded in Miami and you needed a new one, you thought, why not visit Tesla and lease one of their cars for three years?

A friend mentioned that Tesla was trying to clear out their inventory and that I could potentially get a lease with monthly payments of $300. Excited, I drove to the nearest Tesla location (4039 NE 1st Ave) in my rental car. There, I met a salesperson named Christiana. I explained my situation, including my poor credit score, and asked if that would be an issue. She said I needed to apply and might receive an offer with a higher interest rate or be rejected. She also suggested I could get a co-signer with a good credit score. I decided to try my luck.

Christiana had me download the Tesla app and make a $250 payment to start the application process. I was hopeful because I really wanted the Model Y with its huge trunk space, perfect for all my sound bath equipment and other stuff.

The next day, I completed the application to lease the Model Y. As expected, my application was declined due to my bad credit. Undeterred, I asked a friend to be my co-signer, but they politely declined.

I texted Christiana to explain the situation and requested a refund of the $250. She informed me that the payment was non-refundable, as stated in the app’s terms and conditions. I was shocked. If I had known this, I wouldn’t have applied, given my low chances of approval.

Feeling misled and betrayed by a brand I had loved, I wrote a one-star Google review detailing my experience to warn others about the non-refundable fee. However, my review was never published. When I posted from another account, it was briefly visible before being removed. I revised the review to remove Christiana’s name and any potentially inflammatory language, but it still got deleted. It seems Tesla actively works to have negative reviews removed rather than addressing them. I’ve also filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau, and OMG so many bad reviews! If I read them before I wouldn’t even want the car or the process. I mean I understand most happy customers don’t write good reviews on BBB, but the reason and severity of the situations are really bad with the Tesla’s BBB reviews. Scary stuff.

This experience felt like the betrayal of a love story. It’s heartbreaking that a brand I admired would engage in such practices. I visited other dealerships and none of them required a payment just to run a credit check.

I WANT MY MONEY BACK! (For the service or product that I didn’t receive)

Unfortunately, this experience has soured my relationship with Tesla. Even if my financial situation improves in the future, I’ll look for other electric car options. Our love story with Tesla is over.

Key Concerns About Tesla:

  • Dependence on Technology: Tesla cars rely heavily on an app to drive, manage, and open the doors. Technology can have glitches, and I don’t want to deal with that kind of frustration.
  • Customer Service: Tesla seems to have a minimal focus on customer service. Many people report difficulty reaching a real person for help after purchasing or leasing a car. This is a stark contrast to my experience with Honda, where I could easily contact my dealer.
  • Technical Issues: There are reports of Tesla cars experiencing issues that leave owners stranded without immediate help. This is unacceptable for a high-tech car company.

In the end, I’d rather pay more for a car from a company that provides reliable customer service.

Note, see if your reviews will stay on the Google maps, as mines didn’t!

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Okay, here's some links. Instead of trying to talk to me, or others, they spend so much time to delete the honest reviews I left on their Google Maps, so others would know it's a fducking non refundable fee since they do not disclose this information. GRRRRR!!!!!