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Tomtom Spark 3 Review

The TomTom Spark 3, also known as the TomTom Runner 3, is the successor to our current top running watch pick, the TomTom Spark. It is an update to its already impressive predecessor. Still the same formula as TomTom Spark but with some changes in the design and tracking area. It was improved to be more appealing for runners, allowing them to monitor their progress, set goals and stay motivated. TomTom Spark 3 still has the GPS, the multi-sport tracking (in case you need to take a break from running), 24/7 activity tracking, at-a-glance Route Exploration to the existing GPS, heart rate monitoring sensor and phone-free music streaming via Bluetooth headphones. To date, it’s still the only running watch with GPS that lets you stream music even in the absence of your smartphone.

Today, I’m gonna share with you my Tomtom Spark 3 Review. Stay with me till the end to know if the Spark 3 is the right fitness tracker for you!

Packaging and Design

Included in the TomTom Spark 3’s package is TomTom watch charging cable and the user guide. The design is almost the same as the original TomTom Spark with the large screen sitting above the curved GPS unit and four-way controller. It is slim, light and understated. The display size is .87 x .98 inches, display resolution is 5.67 x 6.61 inches, the thickness is .54 inches, the strap size is 145-206 mm and the weight is 50g.

The design is simple and easy to use. There’s no touchscreen but the screen is easy to read in the day and you can easily change the settings while running. It also has a backlight for nighttime visibility. The watch module sits securely in the strap and easily pops out when you need to charge. It has an extremely comfortable strap with three-point fastening making it super secure and helps you get a consistent pulse for your heart rate training. It doesn’t just pop out on its own, making it comfortable and safe to use day by day because the rubber is soft and well ventilated to help wick away sweat. You will also get a less of a strap imprint on your wrist as well.

Aside from its improved strap, it is now slimmer, lighter and better. At the time of writing this Tomtom Spark 3 review, new color options were also added. You can even switch watch straps to match your outfit or fit your mood and select large or small watch straps to ensure the perfect fit for your wrist.


TomTom Spark 3’s 24/7 activity tracking measures and tracks your activity like your steps, active minutes, distance, calories burned throughout the day including your sleep. The GPS tracking records your time, distance, speed, pace, routes, and live stats on the go. There is no need for a chest strap since you can see your accurate heart rate on your wrist with the built-in heart rate monitor.

Using the Route Exploration feature, you can find your way back to the start and explore new routes or discover a new running trail due to its newly included compass. Its multisport tracking modes make it possible to track all your workouts like running, biking, swimming, treadmill, gym, indoor cycling and more.

It is also capable of waterproofing at 40m/130 feet (5 ATM). It’s a great swimming companion too since it also tracks laps, distance, speed, duration, calories burned and strokes. When running, freestyle or cycling, this watch tracks your heart rate, speed, pace, distance, calories burnt, duration, breadcrumb trail as well as your preloaded trails. TomTom Spark 3 requires no phone compatibility because it does not matter what phone you have, you will still be able to create a TomTom Sports App account, get your stats, set goals and view your progress on your computer.

Another plus is its ability to stream music from your watch without your phone. It stores up to 3G of music for wireless music listening minus the phone. It has a long battery life with 11 hours of battery life when using GPS, activity tracking up to three weeks and heart rate monitoring of up to 9 hours. It’s well equipped for a long marathon and running for an hour or so a day for an entire week. The performance really depends on how many of your sensors are turned on like the heart sensor which is an obvious drain on the battery.


TomTom Spark 3 remains one of the easiest running watches to get out of the box and start using as well. GPS and heart rate accuracy is still great too. Running with music without carrying your smartphone along for the ride is awesome. It feels so great to hit the roads for training runs just listening to music along with the top heart rate performance, and for this reason alone, I continue to recommend this fitness tracker, at least at the time of writing this Tomtom Spark 3 review. It’s not the perfect package yet particularly from the software perspective, but if you are after a feature-packed running watch that delivers where it matters most, TomTom Spark 3 remains to be the top choice.


QuickGPSfix helps your watch find your precise location quickly so you can start your activity. To update the QuickGPS information on your watch, connect your watch to your computer. TomTom Sports Connect automatically updates the QuickGPS information on your watch. QuickGPSfix information is valid for three days after you download it.

How do you use the GPS on TomTomSpark 3?
The GPS receiver is positioned under the button on your watch. While you train, the GPS receiver needs to face upwards. Your watch must be used outdoors, ideally in an open area without tall buildings or trees too close to where you are. While your watch is waiting for a GPS fix you see the message. Please wait and a blinking satellite in the Runner Cycle activity start screen. When it’s ready to start an activity, your watch shows the message, GET GOING or GO.

What are the software issues of TomTom Spark 3?
Occasionally the software for your watch may not install properly during an update. If your GPS Sportwatch is not working properly after an update you need to perform a factory reset on your watch.

What happens when you do a factory reset to your watch?
When you click Reset in TomTom Sports Connect, all personal data and settings on your GPS watch are deleted. This action cannot be undone. You should only use the factory reset as a last resort to restore your watch or if you are intending to remove your data and settings. A factory reset does not remove playlists of music from a music watch.
Important: When you perform a factory reset, do not disconnect your watch before TomTom Sports Connect has finished restoring your watch. This takes several minutes. Check any messages shown in TomTom Sports Connect and on your watch before you disconnect your watch.

Tomtom Spark 3 Review
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Good: TomTom Spark 3 has phone-free music, heart rate training and GPS navigation. It's light, comfortable, with an intuitive user interface and is very easy to use. It is one of the easiest running watches to use. GPS and heart rate accuracy are great and the addition of route exploration is awesome. Stores and plays up to 3GB of music without needing to connect to a phone. It has strap-free built-in heart rate monitor, built-in GPS and route explorer. TomTom Spark 3 has great durability. The battery has a decent life of 11 hours with GPS turned on and can be recharged many times.

Not so good: Tomtom Spark 3's menu system is maze-like. Music support is still a little clunky. The sound quality is mediocre and the phone syncing is patchy. The display can be backlit, but the light needs to be manually turned on since without it, the screen is hard to read in low light but once activated will eat your battery. As of writing this Tomtom Spark 3 review, my smartphone notifications do not show up on the screen. Syncing can sometimes be slow, so it can also take a while to connect and send data to the smartphone app.