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Moov Now Review

The Moov Now is the second-generation successor to the Moov. It has artificial intelligence software that sets it apart from other fitness trackers in the current market. This device targets to fully enhance the workout routine of an individual with its exercise programs and tracking data. What makes it different from the other tracker is that instead of counting metrics like steps and distance, this fitness-focused wearable is an activity tracker that tracks your sleep at night, calories burned throughout the day and your active minutes. It focuses on acting as a virtual coach for endurance athletes. It can be worn on the wrist or ankle depending on the type of physical activity you are engaged in. Check out my full Moov Now Review below! ❤️

Packaging and Design

Moov Now Review


Included in the small package of Moov Now is a small round device about the size of a coin. It’s a small disc called the core that comes in four different colors to choose from: blue, red, white and black.

Moov Now design is very simple and was further redesigned to include breathable and perspiration friendly strap in two different sizes: one large strap for the ankle and the small one for the wrist. This little lightweight device consists of the motion sensors, a small storage, the Bluetooth module to connect to your smartphone and the battery (CR2032) that will work for about six months.

It’s very light and so easy to use with only a small button to click on the top when you want to start an exercise or sync your fitness stats to get an up-to-date look. The device is very easy and comfortable to wear, you won’t recognize it much when working out. It’s very quiet and light on the wrist – or your ankle – that you tend to forget you are actually wearing it. For that purpose, an elastic strap is included. It holds the tracking device in its middle and is adjustable so it fits all sizes.


Moov Now Review


Unlike most trackers, the Moov Now is not only a device but also an App for your smartphone. It’s a fitness tracker with 3D motion sensor and collects data that gives you instant audio feedback through the mobile Moov App, it’s just that you also need a Smartphone to connect with your Moov Now.

This waterproof device is iOS and Android compatible so you can download the App for your device for free. You connect your tracker with Bluetooth. Moov Now has real-time coaching with vocal feedback through the Moov App plus ten guided workouts for running, cycling, walking, swimming and more. You start the workouts from the App and you can review it later since it automatically saves your activity and training data. You can review and analyze every workout you did with Moov Now.

In addition, you can also track and see your overall progress for each workout type or connect with friends through the App. The Moov Now uses the standard coin battery like you might find in a watch or other small electronics. Its’ battery life is phenomenal since it can last until six months so you can wear it 24/7 without the need to charge every now and then.

Moov Now Review: Verdict

The Moov Now, no doubt is a fitness tracker that actually tracks the things that make you fitter. This affordable and accurate little wearable is for people whose goal is to spend more time in bed each night and move more each day. It might lack a screen but for the low price you can run, swim, cycle, box and do CrossFit with accuracy.

It’s not too expensive yet it offers a great range of features that is worth its price. Although capable of offering really hard workouts that would challenge even hardcore athletes, it’s not for those who are passionate in as far as fitness is concerned since a lot of the data is not too precise.

If you are looking for a device that can help you be a better runner, then this device is for you. This fitness tracker device is great for those people who focus on endurance sports. The big plus is that it also measures your running form with impact score, cadence and range of motion, thus, helps you to run more efficiently and do something to prevent an injury. In total, this fitness tracker is recommended especially for runners. It offers a great range of features and is not too expensive at all.


How do you charge the Moov Now?
To ensure full battery during your first Moov workout, remove your Moov device from the package and charge it using the included charging pad and cable. Connect the charging cable to the charging pad and insert the other end to a USB port on a computer or a standard USB wall adapter.

Does changing the battery affect Moov Now waterproofing?
No. The Moov core must be securely closed after replacing the battery to ensure the device is fully waterproof. Be sure not to remove any parts like the rubber ring inside the Moov core.

Why isn’t my Moov Now lighting up?
If your Moov Now isn’t lighting up, it could be:
*The firmware update was not completed – If you attempted a firmware update and it did not complete, Moov Now will not light up, but it can connect. It cannot be used for active minutes + sleep or workouts until your firmware update is complete. To complete your firmware update, go into your Moov App. – Settings – Update Firmware – Then follow the instructions. Be sure to keep your Bluetooth on and Moov Now near your phone while the update completes. It should only take a few minutes.
*The battery has died – If these steps don’t work, the battery may be dead. Be sure to end your workout in the Moov Coach app when you are finished. Keeping your workout running can drain the battery.

Moov Now
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Good: The Moov Now is a small, easy to wear and comfortable workout tracker with an awesome battery life. The price is so low that you're getting your money's worth with what this device offers. Also, the automatic coaching with the audio feedback is great to guide you through the workouts. The app is clean, clear, simple too, with easy access to your fitness and sleep stats - both of which are really great and presenting numbers of minutes active and sleeping. It can track sleep, calories burned, and active minutes. You can easily view the progress of your fitness workout since it's presented in a really simple way with Moov.

Not so good: On the downside the strap of Moov Now especially the clasp needs improvement. It’s not that easy to close the strap but it also might open quickly. It’s pretty hard to close but opens very easily and you could lose it during an intense workout. You might even lose it without noticing it since it's very light and the strap is hard to close but opens very easily and not secure. It lacks things like GPS and heart rate monitoring unlike other trackers in the market. It has no screen display and light alerts and the syncing process is a hassle. Sleep tracking is not that accurate too and the design is quite fiddly. Also, there's not enough variation to the offered workout. It lacks training plan that can improve your fitness by doing certain workouts on certain days (and not stick to the predefined intervals and levels) which would help those just starting out to stay fresh and make maximum gains.