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Smile Direct vs Invisalign Comparison

How do you achieve that perfectly aligned and straight teeth without having to wear the traditional metal braces? Have you ever heard of the teeth-straightening services like Smile Direct Club and Invisalign? Are they one and the same? If not, how does one differ from the other and what are the advantages and disadvantages that come with each option? Read my take on Smile Direct vs Invisalign!

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First impressions always last! As they say “Nothing you wear is more important than your smile”. Flashing a bright and healthy smile is not only pleasing to the eyes, but it also leaves a lasting impression and is likely to be remembered for a long time. A smile brightens the lives of all who see it by making them feel better. Next to your smiling eyes, the first thing that people usually notice when you smile is your teeth. It’s a standout feature that people you meet for the first time is likely to remember or recall. But do you know what makes a smile more attractive? Well, having straight, white, and healthy teeth makes the difference as it’s not only beneficial to overall health, but it also boosts your confidence, improves your personality, and increases your chances for a potential date! LOL. 😂

Smile Direct Invisible Aligners Review

Aww, that’s me when I was first started using the Smile Direct. I lost 20 LBS, that I didn’t even know I could or wanted. I smile very big now 😀

Both Smile Direct Club and Invisalign offer custom-made clear aligners designed to make the orthodontic process more easy and enjoyable. They rely on using multiple sets of clear trays that you wear every day except when eating to gradually adjust and straighten teeth over time. These aligners come in sets depending on the adjustments made to your teeth. Every time your teeth make a small move, you get a new aligner to further adjust your teeth to the desired position.

The difference lies in the process of how the treatment plan is created and carried out. Depending on the personal preference of the customer, each treatment option offers its own set of benefits and both can be just as effective. For one, Smile Direct Club is a special at home service that allows you to receive orthodontic treatment and consultation without actually visiting an orthodontist. This is ideal for people who are busy at work or just plain lazy to go out and go to the dentist as well as those who need minor to moderate teeth correction like gaps between teeth or crowded teeth. Upon sign-up, customers go to a SmileDirect where a 3D image of your mouth is digitally scanned and photographed by technicians. In the absence of such a nearby facility, at-home impression kits are shipped to you. You send in your impression mold and after which, a team of licensed dental professionals across all 50 states will review and assess your treatment plan and oversee your care. The downside is that with Smile Direct Club, there is no personal dentist to consult with, so the treatment offered is limited to treating basic teeth alignment issues. Everything is done virtually and through the mail. So if you are suffering from a more serious or advanced teeth troubles, they will recommend seeking out a dentist. Whereas, Invisalign differs in the process as it is overseen and handled by certified orthodontists which ensures that the process is carried out smoothly and properly. You are required to go to a clinic for the fitting of your aligner to be assisted by a professional orthodontist. He will personally evaluate and assess the treatment plan needed for the adjustment of your teeth. This also includes treatment like correction of bite-alignment problems, movement of molars, and tooth rotation. You will also be instructed to follow up visits to your dentist and in the process will be given new sets of aligners that will slowly move teeth to the desired position. With this option, you get the confidence that the treatment plan for your teeth alignment is safe and will guarantee success.

I kept the pictures of the doctor’s offers, one gave me $8K+ bill, arhh. But however, they took so many measurements and pictures in the consultations for free 😌 😍

As for accountability issues, with Invisalign, you are required to visit your dentist and have your teeth physically checked. The dentist monitors the progress of your teeth alignment every couple of weeks. Your dentist knows what to do if you stop using your trays or slip up. Yet, with Smile Direct Club, your progress is totally dependent on you whether you stick to your treatment program or not. Besides, your treatment is handled by anonymous professionals through the photos of your teeth that you send virtually or through the mail. There is no actual checking of the progress of your teeth alignment.

What happens after the treatment program? With Invisalign, your dentist can help you develop post-treatment options in instances where more dental works are required. You can even have a retainer set up by them to maintain your straight smile. As with Smile Direct Club, although they can also offer you the option to purchase a retainer ($99), they can’t offer you additional dental work beyond the original treatment program.

More so, Invisalign uses small tooth-colored attachments that can connect with the aligner trays. These attachments are designed to fine-tune the teeth moving progress, especially for more complicated teeth alignment cases. And since Small Direct Club cover only the basic teeth alignment problems, it does not have access to that kind of technology.

How about the cost? Smile Direct Club is definitely cheaper. You can join this treatment program for only $1,800-$2,000 with monthly $80 – $90 plans. Invisalign, on the other hand, costs $3,500.00 – $8,500.00. Of course, there would be people who would want to save and opt for the Smile Direct Club. But is it worth the risk? Just think about the additional damage that could potentially be done to your teeth due to improper alignment procedures. I leave it up to you. You be the judge!

My personal recommendation is this. First of all, know that Invisalign bought the Smile Direct and they are the same company now. Does it matter which one to choose? Yes! Smile Direct is cheap and easy without any doctor visit. I’d never fix my teeth if there was not any direct to consumer plan available. I had no idea it was going to impact my life so drastically. In a good way 😃

So first visit a doctor and get a consultation. If they say you can use Invisalign that infers you don’t probably have a complex problem and you don’t need the metal braces, which means you can use the Smile Direct!! Secondly, whenever you feel like something is wrong, trust your instincts and body. If I just used the aligners they sent me, all the time, I’d have issues. I visited their shops and they scanned again and sent me new ones. That’s a good thing. They will be with you along the way, but you can’t just trust everything and everyone, so you have to lead them as well.

I have friends who’ve done the invisible braces, Smile Direct, no problems! In a short time, they fixed it, they were happy with aligners. I had some crooked situation, which even after 2 years, I had to use aligners all the time, and 2 days later if I didn’t use, my teeth would go back to crooked so fast. I had to visit doctors, many! They all tried to put me in a full aligning program ($5000+), I had straight teeth! Crazy bitches! Then I found one good one, that put the metal retainers on the back of my teeth where the problem would occur.

My point is, be alert and be ready to visit a doctor or many in that regard. I Smile Direct vs Invisalign, I highly recommend Smile Direct, it’s worth it. They are trustworthy and whenever I call or chat on their website, they helped me quickly. And if you have the budget and time to visit the doctor every month then get the fancy Invisalign.

Good luck!! ❤️