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Best Gifts for Women

I gave those gifts to myself, and my life has changed amazingly. If you want to pamper yourself, your lifestyle and make it easy and happy, or for your friend, girlfriend here’s my best gifts for women ideas:

1 – Smile Direct Aligners: Correct the smile, and give confidence.

My Smile Direct aligners have been a life-changer. I corrected my crooked teeth, and I lost 20LBS in the process, got a beautiful smile, I don’t even remember how I looked before. Don’t hesitate to give your self this gift, as it’s going to make you confident, to be able to smile carefree. I didn’t necessarily have an issue with my smile, I used to smile, laugh carefree, but with the straight teeth, I’m so much different. A new level of confidence is shining from my face and lips 🙂

It starts from $80/month.

2 – High-end Jewelry: Feel classy and valuable.

Every woman is valuable we don’t need material or makeup or etc to prove it, but unfortunately, most of us don’t grow up like that, and we have to remind ourselves we are worthy and amazing!! Sometimes getting a new haircut, putting a nice dress on or makeup, we remember that we are lovely and worthy, it’s like a proof. Getting some high-end jewelry is in that criteria. When I got myself 18K high-quality little rings with diamonds on them, it built up some classiness and elegance. So much self-love. A constant reminder I am worthy.

Those rings start from $250 and a perfect gift idea for her or to yourself 🙂

3 – Period Cups: Feel like no more periods!!

Not sure if you like periods or know someone like them! I definitely don’t like having them. Period cups have been around for years, however, I only recently heard about them. I’ve been using them for the last 5-6 months, and it feels like I don’t have any more periods. It’s a forking darn life changer!! No more limiting exercises or make outs! 😀 Give this gift to yourself or the lovely women in your life. Note that, the first reaction to any change, people don’t like. So your women won’t like the change from their usual tools; help them their switch, and they will be so happy in the end! (Plus using cups is a lifestyle saving habit and definitely in my best gifts for women)

It starts at $9 on Amazon.

4 – A Comfy Mattress: Time to rest like a princess

Oh la l!. You have at least one pair of nice shoes and purse, I bet you have more than a pair; now it is time to get your best mattress… My nights and mornings are so much better once I started sleeping on luxurious mattresses. Your muscles and bones, all of your body will rest in deep comfort and therefor your soul and mind can rest as well. Which mattress to choose is the biggest question, but no worries, I cover this in my girlonthemattress.com, enjoy hunting for your mattress or for the women in your life. Can you imagine giving a gift as a mattress? How cool is that? 🙂

Starts from $600.

5 – Luxurious Sheets: Feel cozy and turn on!

I specifically wanted to put these here, because it makes it so easy to turn your bedroom life to a different level. First of all, I assume you don’t use your bedtime with your cellphone; but it’s your sacred place to renew your energy and rest. Also for the other things too. I tried these sheets, and I tried a lot of sheets as a part of my business, these sheets are the best! When your hands touch the fabric your senses will be awakened. You may be sleeping alone, or with someone; either way, you’ll be grateful to have this sheet in your bedroom on your bed. Make yourself, or those women in your life extra happy!!!! 😉

Starts from $199

6 – Smart Lights and Alexa: color your apartment!

When I arrive at my home, I say “Alexa, I’m home”, and my bedroom lights turn on, one a corner light I keep it always warm white, and a surround led lights, I change the color according to my mood, red, pink, orange…  Other things I tell “Alexa, goodnight”, “Alexa, relax”, “Alexa party time” and my music type, volume, and lights changes. This is priceless and very affordable, we’re living the good parts of sci-fi movies! Colors and music speak differently to our moods and body even chakras, so just changing them will increase your happiness and overall wellness.

Alexa starts from $49, I recommend the full-size ones, not the echo.
A smart bulb starts from $29.
Smart led lights start from $32.99.

This is my personally tested ideas for the best gifts for women. First is self-love, after that, I found that those things helped to build and keep my hard-earned self-love. I picked mostly as lifestyle long term sustainable gift ideas. Hope you enjoy. Don’t wait, share it with someone who’s trying to make a woman happy.

Sending you lots of love,