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10 Best Sleep Trackers

We all know how sleep is essential to human beings. We’ve also reiterated that people don’t just need sleep, we need QUALITY SLEEP. And how can we make sure that we get quality sleep or at least track our sleep data so we can decide if our sleep is great or how to improve it. Yes, with the help of ‘smart’ trackers we can just do that. Below are 10 of the best sleep trackers that can assess your sleep activities and can coach you on how to get a good night’s rest every day.


10. Emfit QS

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Emfit QS is another sleep tracker that doesn’t have to be worn to give a detailed assessment of your sleep. Emfit QS sleep trackers are placed on the lower side of your mattress. Its compression sensor is exceptionally sensitive, which allows it to accurately monitor your sleep metrics, including your heart and breathing rates, as well as your light, deep and REM sleep. If you’re also a fitness and sports enthusiast, Emfit QC is a good choice because it can also track your fitness activities, including your HRV (heart rate variability), total recovery and recovery efficiency.

Price: $227.55

9. Jawbone UP3

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If you’re looking for a more affordable personal wearable sleep tracking device, then Jawbone UP3 is something you might consider. Jawbone UP3 aims to accurately monitor your sleep using the most advanced sensors. It can monitor your light, deep, and REM sleep stages by syncing it with your phone. It also offers a personalized detailed sleep coaching, which gives you relevant, individualized tips on how to improve your sleep.

Price: $59.99

8. Sleepace RestOn

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The Sleepace RestOn is also a small band that is placed under your bedsheet. You might question and challenge its comfort having to place it under the sheets, above the mattress. Surprisingly, you won’t even notice that it’s there, which made me choose to include it in the list of the best sleep trackers on the market right now. The Sleepace RestOn works well with multiple devices and amazing applications, that can help you get a comfortable night’s sleep. It provides you a comprehensive assessment of your sleep, including your sleep cycle, heart and breathing rate, as well as helpful sleep scores.

Price: $149.99

7. Beddit 3 Smart Sleep Monitor

10 Best Sleep Trackers

Beddit 3 Smart Sleep Monitor, now owned by Apple, is actually an interesting kind. It is a thin strip (see photo) that you put under your bedsheet to monitor your sleep. Synced with your smartphone, it can accurately track your sleeping activities, including your heart rate, your breathing as well as your snoring, light and deep sleep cycles, and other helpful sleep metrics. In addition, it provides an overall sleep score and recommendations on how to improve your sleep. It can now also track your sleeping environment, taking into account the bedroom temperature. The Beddit 3 sleep monitor is easy to setup and use, and it doesn’t make you uncomfortable even when placed under the bedsheet.

Price: $149

6. Polar A370

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The Polar A370 is another wearable sleep tracker that is targeted to sports and fitness enthusiasts. It doesn’t just track your fitness activities as well as your heart rate, but this version of Polar fitness watch has improved its sleep monitoring by providing a more detailed, more accurate information about your sleep and some helpful recommendations to improve your sleep patterns. Having a relatively big screen, records and other data are easy to read. This version has also improved its battery life, which is also a significant factor to consider when choosing a sleep tracker.

Price: $149.93

5. SleepScore Max

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The SleepScore Max claims to be the most advanced sleep improvement system today. And true enough, it seems that it really is. The SleepScore Max may not be a wearable device, but it’s one of the most powerful and most accurate sleep trackers there is. It uses “echolocation” (yes — like the system used by bats!), which allows the release of power radio waves to monitor your body movements and breathing patterns. Knowing its accuracy is reliable, it’s also reassuring that it gives detailed sleep scores, analysis, recommendations every morning.

Price: $149


4. Nokia Steel HR

10 Best Sleep Trackers

Nokia Steel HR is built into a hybrid watch, which also makes it a stylish accessory that you can wear anytime. At first look, you won’t even notice that it is a smartwatch. Nokia Steel HR shows a detailed, consistent study of your sleep in a very comprehensible framework. Nokia Steel HR also prides itself on its remarkable battery life, and it can last up to 25 days without recharging, which is very important when you’re trying to track your zizz. Meaning, it won’t suddenly die out in the middle of the night.

Price: $179.95

3. S by ResMed Personal Sleep Solution

10 Best Sleep Trackers

S by ResMed is not a wearable device, but the kind of sleep tracker that monitors your rest from a distance. It can reliably track your sleeping environment (which includes light, noise, and temperature), your sleep stages, and sleeping interruptions, making it one of the best sleep trackers on the market. By pairing it with your phone, S by ResMed can provide a more accurate reading because your sleep scores are set side by side with your gender and age, which are two important factors to consider. And to make the analysis even better, behavior and daily habits are also taken account of.

Price: $64.99

2. Fitbit Ionic

10 Best Sleep TrackersFitbit has established its brand as a smartwatch for sports and fitness and has always been the number one choice for fitness enthusiasts. And the Fitbit Ionic, one of the brand’s new releases, does not fall short. Through its very sleek screen, you can now track your activity metrics like running, cycling, swimming, and other workouts. Using the Fitbit app, you’ll get to see your sleep patterns and stages through detailed and visually-appealing graphs.

Price: $297.45

1. Eight Sleep Tracker

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While other trackers have taken a personalized approach, Eight sleep tracker has the ability to track the sleep activities of more than one person. You just have to place it under your bedsheet, and it can automatically monitor your sleep as soon as you lie down. It provides the usual body and activity metrics, which you can also sync with your Apple Health or Google Fit accounts to manage your overall wellness. You can also warm up your mattress if you prefer so for a more relaxed rest. More on it here at Eight Mattress Review.

Price: $399