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Hello Noemie is an online-only high-end jewelry company which cuts the salesmen and other additional costs. They make some really good pieces, and their fanbase is increasing rapidly.



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Hello Noemie Review – Buying My First Expensive Jewelry!

I was in Instagram and saw an ad for a jewelry company, and I really liked what I saw. Elegant, beautiful, modern, classic designed diamond jewelry. I never had a diamond jewelry before but those looked so good. I clicked and went to their site. This is the first time I went to Noemie Jewelry website. Although they say their jewelry is much cheaper than what others sell for, for my first time shopping for luxury jewelry they were expensive. Could I trust them? Is it safe to buy diamonds from a website, specifically? This is my Hello Noemie Review, I’ll give you the details of my experience, and a Hello Noemie discount code if you decide to buy yours.

So, I didn’t trust the website at first, since I’ve seen a lot of websites with amazing photos and cheap Chinese products. I didn’t want to get scammed by Noemie. It said they had a store in Soho New York, so I reserved a time and visited the Noemie Loft in Soho. Beautiful place. Very stylish. It’s their showroom if you want to measure your fingers, see their products. You can’t really buy anything there as far as I know, because they make them by order and ship from the West Coast. I liked what I saw. My first purchase supposed to be 2 rings. But I couldn’t resist and got the huggie earrings and also mini trois diamond earrings as well. I used their pay in 3 months without any interest fees payment. Sounds perfect?! Not really.

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Hello Noemie Review: I bought the custom necklace, star necklace, petite diamond rings, huggie earrings, and mini trois earrings. I love them all!

I made a mistake. And ordered an extra 3rd ring, that I didn’t need. I tried to cancel immediately but they didn’t have an automatic “change the order” function after you put the order in. I received an email from the loan company Bread saying they got my order and they will charge me in 3 payments. But I didn’t get a confirmation from the Noemie, so I was worried. I had to email to and had to wait till next day. Because of that, I got so panicked, but short story, the next day we emailed back and forth. In the end, they actually shipped the 3rd ring, and I had to ship it back (free) and got a full refund for that. It was a bit time consuming my first order, because of that mistake of mine, not carefully checking my cart and pressing order button quickly. After I pressed the order button, there was no page asking, are you sure, here’s your review, etc.. It just ordered. (Note: my second and third orders showed a summary before the order went in, I guessed they changed it)

After that first purchase, I ordered the star necklace, and it was soooooooo beautiful, and God I love it so much, I ordered another necklace which is custom made with my name “Nesli”. I was actually worried it would look bad with their font, etc. It turned out amazing! 🥰Now I never take off my two necklaces, two petite diamond rings, two huggie earrings, and two mini diamond earrings. Hahah, I know, I like the number “2”. I also heard it is a good number to attract a partner, so he can buy me more jewelry 😜 (I feel a bit greedy definitely. The Noemi is doing such a great work, every piece I got looks like lots of detailed works involved. I want more! Give me more!)

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Inside the big box, you have this little box, certificate and a note. Hello Noemie Review

So a little bit of background on my jewelry experience. I did not have other diamonds before as I told you. When I walk in Macy’s high-end jewelry section, for instance, nothing is close to what Noemi makes. I would not use what Macy’s is selling. Yes, they are more expensive, but they are not detailed pieces. Big, manufactured in a factory looking pieces. I can feel what Noemi says they make their jewelry themselves by hand, I do see that. They look very unique.

Another thing about jewelry, I did not like using them before. I don’t like wearing watches, or things.. (except my little gold necklace with an evil eye, I always wore it, till Noemie.) So, heavy items make me feel trapped, cheap items sometimes look nice depending on the outfit, but all temporary.

Noemie changed my style. I use my accessory all the time. I LOVE and ADORE how they make me feel. It reminds me of the standards I have for myself and the gift, love, and respect I have for myself. I also want to gift them to my mom, nieces, close loved friends.

I love how my day starts in the bed with the daylight, I open my eyes and see my shiny rings, next to each other. Then I wash my face, the water is running on my hands, I see my rings. I even take care of my nails better now, my hands looks so much better like that, and I deserve to feel good with my hands. And so you do.

Hello Noemie Review: Packaging

Packaging? They arrive in big boxes, and then inside a small box. It’s a great packaging for sure. Some other customers complain that the box is a too big, heavy and high-quality paper product, a waste and bad for the environment. I didn’t even think that way before. But there is a point to that. Maybe they can offer big boxes if the customers want it specifically for free. A checkbox saying “send with their special gift boxes”, otherwise it should ship in more environment-friendly packaging.

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Hello Noemie Review: Returns

Returns? Yep, I returned the first ring easily (except time-consuming and emailing back and forth). Never returned anything else, but they even take the custom name necklace back if you don’t like it, in first 30 days. They send a return label and you can send it with that for free.

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